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  • Independent Vermonter, focused on resolving issues not taking sides
  • Self-funded, $0.00 budget, owes no favors, free to fight for what is right, not what is easy or paid for
  • Positive, hard-working, financially self-made, highly experienced leader w tremendous private and public experience creating and running  consultancy; developing life-saving medicines at low cost; and home design, engineering, and construction
  • Bringing clean, well-paying jobs to Vermont such as CAR-T Cell Therapy (biotech), Additive Manufacturing Maker Space, and supporting our amazing and uniquely Vermont artisan creative counter-culture.
  • Fighting to get the U.S. to lead efforts to stop global warming, as well as protection of our beautiful Lake Champlain
  • Pro-outdoors, pro-working families, pro-seniors, pro-youth, pro-term limits, pro-equal opportunity for all, pro-armed forces, pro clean-up of Lake Champlain(!!), pro-health care control, pro-equality and diversity, pro-free online collegiate education, pro-
  • Father of 3 amazing kids, stay-home dad first 5 years (great respect for you VT Moms out there!), coached boys and girls soccer and little league baseball; lead cub scout and boy scout; elementary school VP PTO for many years
  • Active outdoors man with many plans and a long track record of planning AND finishing what he starts, a doer not a talker

Committee to Elect Russell Beste, Independent!
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