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RUSSELL BESTE (pronounced Bestie!) For U.S. Senate, Vermont

Top Goals: Bring clean well-paying private sector jobs back to Vermont so that our families, our children, and our children’s children can continue to live here for generations to come; to get all money out of politics – NO MONEY POLITICS; to STOP THE DIVISION of our country and focus on ISSUES NOT SIDES, seek positive and fair outcomes, and encourage folks to be more independent; to reduce taxes and control and streamline regulations to be reasonable and to empower our government employees to more efficiently do their work; make Vermont affordable; to create TERM LIMITS for U.S. Senators (18 years); to support women’s rights as well as EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL WORK; to clean our environment, especially Lake Champlain; to sustain our uniquely Vermont artisan culture and creative farm-to-fresh counter culture, microbrew culture, and our rural farm culture; fiscally responsible yet affordable medical care including preexisting conditions; to provide opportunities to all working families, our youth, and our seniors; to reduce our ridiculous national debt ($66,000 per person!); to stop the lying in our government and get our leaders to be honest – it is okay to disagree on some issues; to lower student collegiate debt with low cost online educational opportunities; to encourage our country to act fair. 21st Century Nationalist focused on Americans first while working with world leaders.

INTRO - Russell Beste, Independent Self-Funded Candidate U.S. Senate

  • Family man. Active community sports/PTO. Degrees Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering.
  • Tremendous biz experience. Designed built home, filed patents, ran own consultancy, leads VTBioAlliance
  • Work FT in STA. Recognized global leader in biotechnology manufacturing. Actively working w VT companies to bring hi pay jobs to VT.
  1. Bring jobs and economic prosperity to both metropolitan Vermont and rural Vermont, tired of families and talented kids leaving, we need fresh ideas, and innovation and a vision for the future.
    1. Schools down 20%, significantly underfunded pensions state and teachers.
    2. VT Bond rating lowered
    3. Biotechnology booming Boston. Actively working with teams in VT. Also active w VTBioscience Alliance Trade Group. Biotech similar to beer fermentation, clean, uses only water, saves lives
    4. Support unique farm to fresh. Small town rural culture.
    5. Improve broadband across state to enable remote work.
    6. Infrastructure Programs.
    7. Jobs to rural Vermont
    8. Provide a good living for our retired citizens.
  2. Independent, Issues Not Sides. Labels. Business (conservative), Environment Liberal. Single party leadership is always a failure.
  3. Self Funded, No Money Politics, I Believe All Votes Should Be Equal. Once take money owe favor. Devalues voter. I represent only you the voter.
  4. Streamline our government - tax relief and tax reform, streamline regulations, end the affordability crisis in VT, balance to help our youngest, oldest, and most vulnerable to lead a healthy and happy life.
  5. Stop the divisiveness, stop left vs right nonsense, focus on issues not sides. I promise you, you won’t agree on all I say. If you agree to everything then you are not thinking for yourself. Be true to yourself! Challenge yourself.
  6. Protect environment. Stop global warming; Clean Lake Champlain. Owe this to next generation.
  7. National Debt. $67k per man woman child. Equivalent to 1 year GDP! Inefficient govt. that favors the wealthy because money supply is inflated via low interest loans.
  8. Term Limits. 18 years. No biz would have 30 year CEO, want new ideas balance. Leahy almost half century in office.
  9. Health Care is complex. Working hard to lower health care costs. Lower cost of medicine with automation. Streamline FDA. Reduce middle men – Amazonize Distribution. Constrain liability (ambulance chasers).FDA. Empower nurses and specifically training specialized Physician Assistant. Lower liability red tape. AAFP. Empower rural physicians. AMA vs. Manage Care Contract. Goal is free basic primary care.
  10. Positive Leadership for All Citizens, Hold out leaders accountable to that. They work for us. They are not kings or dictators.  Lying Is Not Okay. BS Is Not Okay.
  11. Stand By Free Speech and Free Press. Fake news is actually free speech. If you don’t agree with an issue with the free press then man up and challenge the free press. khashoggi beheading. Joking attacking reporters. Our fourth arm of our government is our most important one, they hold our government accountable to the truth.
  12. Be Smart Globally. U.S. pull out of Iran deal. Poor business move, art of the fail (weakened our business dealings with Saudi Arabia), and poor global move (additional nuclear proliferation).
  13. No Nepotism. Keep Family Ties Out Of Our Government (Jarad Kuschner). We are the most educated country in world, 326 million people(7.7Billion worldwide), there is always another equally qualified individual
  14. 21st Century Nationalism is important, focus on our nation and our citizens first (especially jobs/prosperity), recognize that nuclear proliferation, biologics warfare, global warming, world population all pose long term existential threats and require positive global leadership and teamwork.
  15. Elections. Keep non-citizens out of our elections, prevent other countries from interfering with our elections and our of our news.
  16. Support women’s rights as well as EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL WORK. Support our senior citizens to live a comfortable and balanced life.


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