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- Bringing clean, well-paying jobs to Vermont such as CAR-T Cell Therapy (biotech)

- Therapy is autologous, unlike small molecule medicines, CAR-T Cell Therapy revolutionary and time consuming since raw materials are novel and taken directly from each patient

- In separate manufacture process the gene to be inserted (DNA that will ultimate code for protein on T Cell that will enable patients own T Cell to recognize the B Cell Lympohoma as bad) is created, then through several steps involving another kind of cell to manufacture (HEK293 cells), Lentivector is created with the CAR T gene inside

- Patient cells then separated (at hospital) and certain T Cells further separated, then transduced with the Lenti Vector to get gene inside

Then expand population of cells expressing the protein coded by the gene, then inject into patient. Cancer cells then are killed since patient T Cells now have the gene expressing protein on surface of T Cell that enable the T Cell to see the cancer as bad, and kill it!






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