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Bernie Sanders, Joeseph Biden, Donald Trump. Three incredibly driven, old politicians, who in many ways are consumed with their own weirdness. They are all Kardashians, no particularly redeeming capabilities, but so extreme and unusual they catch attention in our post dotcom era which requires weird to be heard. 

For Donald Trump, he is a man driven by hate and anger, utterly convinced and in hungry need superstardom and worship by all. Clearly he did not get the attention he needed from his mother. He has, through shear will and threats to our government and to those who report to him (and those who don't, driven us far away from conventional politics, and in fact far awar from Democracy itself. Frightening is how best to describe him. 

On the other side, is Bernie Sanders, equally driven and in need for attention, also angry and utterly convinced that capitalism is out to squash every man woman child who works. He has, through shear will and non stop complaining to the world, that there are a few select white men who are screwing everyone, everyday. He to, will stop at nothing to create his "revolution" (a major political mistake by him, using the "R" word) of so-call Democratic Socialism. He is the savior for the far left. 

Then there is poor Joe, stuck in the easiest place to be in the entire political spectrum. All he has to do is simply play the two truly characters off each other, and unify our country, what is what most Americans want. But no for Joe, he simply does not have that kind of snuff. 

And then along comes covid19, which pretty much snuffed out everyone. Election basically over before it even began. 

And that is the saddest part. Because we are so much better than this. So much better. We are the United States of god-dam America. For the past 100 years we have saved the world from self destruction time and again. We have the greatest government that ever exisited. We are smart, hard working, fair, democratic. But we go to good at what we do, we created too many technologies to fast (internet, amazon, google, microsoft, apple), and in doing so made many of us very very well off, leaving many completely behind. But the press has not been able to keep up, because they are being beaten to the punch by real time instant and constant news, enabling the Kardashians to lead the conversation. 


WE MUST STOP THESE CRAZY OLD FOLKS, before it is too late. We need to recognize the folks can become rich in capitalism, while at the same time providing well paying jobs for everyone. We can save the world from global warming, without going broke. We can co-exist, we just need to believe in each other, listen to rationale talk, and most important, TAKE EVERYTHING DONALD AND BERNIE SAY, AND DIVIDE IT BY TWO.. they are both right, and both completely wrong. 

Don't let the Trumps and Bernie's divide us. 

We are better than that.

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