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INDEPENDENT SELF-FUNDED RUSSELL D. BESTE (Bestie!) is a highly successful tech-educated leader, working tirelessly tensure world-class health care, peace, equality, environment, and prosperity for ALL AMERICANS. Beste accepts NO MONEY, owes NO FAVORS, picks NO PARTY. WE THE PEOPLE demand loyalty from our government, working equally for ALL AMERICANS. LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Home 

COVID-19: Create Rapid Testing, Breakthrough Vacine Therapy, And Honest Leadership. NOW!

  • The corona virus pandemic currently devastating our world underscores the absolutely astonishishing power of microbes. Unfortunately, our great United States of America was both completely unprepared, and completely unable to react. Our leaderers FAILED WE THE PEOPLE. The world learned of COVID-19 in December 2019, yes even as of March 2020 test kits are not available, and there is no Federal plan. Our president Donald Trump utterly and completed failed on this. America Needs our leaders to be on top of all issues, at all times, to help ALL AMERICANS, and concisely and concurrently inform WE THE PEOPLE.
  • Democrat Leaders also have failed WE THE PEOPLE in protecting us from COVID-19. They too have been slow to respond, unimaginative in creating solutions, and seemingly completely naive as to what to do. America Needs a rapid December 2019 we should have immediately been developing and preparing test kits, working with biopharm and our FDA to create fast breakthrough therapies to treat the viral attack. Our leaders should have been initiating social distancing, remote access workplacing, and long term financial aid for those whose jobs depend upon social proximity, in December 2019.
  • Biotechnology is moving at breakneck speed, and scientists can now genetically engineer an organism to soon do almost anything, good(stop cancer via CART-cell therapy, save lives by gene therapy) or bad(bio warfare). But unlike nuclear arms(which can be partially managed by worldwide control of nuclear fuel), with the right knowledge microbes the size of a particle of dust, can be designed and built in a kitchen. There is no way to stop this with current technologies. America Needs an active bio defense that 1) constantly stockpiles supplies ready for instant response to an adverse bio event(medical supplies, rapid social distancing, significant biodefense team), 2) a unified world in which all countries work together to prevent biowarfare, and 3) economic plans to empower remote working. This would both serve to help prevent microbial attacks, and make our world environmentally cleaner by reducing needs to commute to work.

 JOBS & MONEY: Create Higher Paying Jobs, With Baseline Pay, For All.

  • American technology has created extraordinary wealth, but unfortunatley has eliminated countless jobs.  Remarkably, our leaders solution to job loss has been "trickle down economics". Wrong! America Needs to train it's citizens to work, create new jobs in health care, in defense, in our government, build our infrastructure. WE THE PEOPLE demand prosperity for all. 
  • America National Debt $23.5 Trillion, Interest 0.5 Trillion/yr, Debt $73k Citizen! This is dangerous because if investors stop buying U.S. debt, America would become significantly less wealthy. America Needs to control our National Debt.
  • Federal Reserve low interest rates are available ONLY TO BIG BANK, all of which serve the well-to-do far more than average American workers. Americans pay far higher rates thant banks pay. America Needs to provide lower cost loans to American citizens at Fed Funds Rate + 1.5% eg. current loan rates would be 1.5%.
  • Biotech, Cloud computing, Additive manufacturing are booming. America Needs more small/mid-size companies with technology focus. 
  • Communications have vastly increased American job productivity (cellphones, internet, online sales, automation),  and companies have responded by paying fewer people more. America Needs more educational opportunities.
  • Increasing National Debt is undermining the savers(especially the elderly). America Needs to control national debt.
  • Low interest rates favors large borrowers disproportionately. America Needs fair lending opportunities to all.
  • Need more locally sourced small-mid size companies back to rural America. America Needs rural internet.
  • Lack of jobs for the poor. America Needs baseline monthly cash to all eg. Yang Freedom Dividend $1k/month.
  • There is something fundamentally wrong when folks work full time and still live in poverty. It takes money to make money. America Needs higher pay to level the economic playing field.

COLLEGIATE & TRADES EDUCATION: Lower College Costs Via Online Education For All 

  • For young families, day care can be challenging to balance with work. Research has demonstrated the importance of of early learning in a child's development. America Needs trained day care providers, certified and available day care facilities for pre-K children.
  • Technology has enriched some at expense to others. America Needs to drive well paying job growth into our middle class by consistently providing low cost online skill training, available life-long, while in parallel reducing state regulations to be consistent with national regulations, and controlling state taxation to be consistent with national averages. 
  • College can move much of education online (as evidenced by the quick transition of our colleges to online to address COVID-19. America Needs to create low cost online eduction for all collegiate knowledge programs.
  • Similary, most knowledge for skilled trades have moved online (eg. www. America Needs to streamline and organize trade knowledge online, and provide online certification tests to lower costs and certify skills of trade worker.
  • Biotech, Cloud computing, Additive manufacturing booming. America Needs funding and incentives for more small/mid-size companies with technology focus and lifelong learning opportunities. 

ENVIRONMENT: Save Our World By Lowering Carbon Count AND Creating More Jobs For All

  • Climate change and resulting economic inequality continue to scar our country and threaten our world. America Needs a Green New Deal in which the United States ties resonable financial incentives to help improve solar and wind technologies.
  • 21st Century technologies(automation, robotics, microchips, AI) have enabled nuclear energy to be far safer than decades ago. Moreover, green energy technologies like solar, electric, and wind, are decades away from solving our  global warming problems. America Needs active and immediate implementation of clean nuclear energy programs in order to stop global warming next 20 years.   
  • World population growth (almost 8 Billion!). America Needs clean water supplies.
  • Live Local, with as much as possible localizing food and water supplies, to lower our carbon footprint and foster a strong live local community. America Needs communities to work to facilitate local lifestyles with nearby food, water, and locally operated small business. 

HEALTH CARE: Lower Health Care Costs For All Americans AND Create More Jobs In Health Care

  • COVID-19, Flatten Curve, Develop Rapid and Available Test Kits, Accelerate COVID-19 , Slow Transmission, Ensure Health All Citizens, Protect Most Vulnerable Members. America Needs Social Distancing.
  • Champion new biotechnologies that are transforming America. Need to bring these clean technolgoies (CAR-T Cell Therapy, Gene Therapy), well-paying jobs to local communities CAR-T Cell Therapy (biotech). America Needs to provide these life saving therapies to all, at a reasonable price.
  • Cost Issue 1 Taking New Drug To Market: takes 10 years and costs several billion dollars to get to market. America Needs to reduce cost and time to market while improving efficacy and access to ALL AMERICANS.
  • Cost Issue 2 Taking New Drug To Market: Only a small fraction of products submittes actuall gain FDA regulatory approval, even generics can take 5 years or more to get to market and cost half a billion depending upon the type of drug. America Needs to streamline and automate regulations.
  • Cost Issue 3. Cost of litigation post approval against competitors, costing another billion dollars and several years till approval. America Needs to reduce and streamline the litigation process to be more fair to all.
  • Cost Issue 4: Follow on patents to protect patent life, cost another half billion and a couple additional years delay to market along with comcommitant litigation costs. America Needs to reduce and streamline the patent process to be more fair.
  • Cost Issue 5: Patient liability and ambulance chasing patents, cost another half billion to several billion to resolve. America Needs to reduce and streamline the medical liability process.
  • Cost Issue 6: 3-5 layers of middle men between the manufacturer and the patient, costing 75% of remaining profits. America Needs to amazonize the medical distribution process to reduce and speed up the safe distribution of medicine to consumer. 
  • Cost Issue 7: There is the patient cost in terms of time cost...patient has to make appointment, wait in line for days or weeks or months, get examined, then have doctor presribe the drug product. America Needs to enable Americans to have IMMEDIATE ACCESS to see a physician.
  • Cost Issue 8: In order for physician to see, diagnose, and prescribe medicine for the patient, the physician must 12 years k-12 schooling, 4 years collegiate undergraduate w science degree, 4 years medical school (and several hundred thousand dollars in med school bills), 1 year medical school internship, multiple years residencey in medical school...all to prescribe a known drug with known dose form with known usage and side effects! America Needs need to create more medical personnel focused on specific skill sets in order to reduce cost of the medical personnel while creating more jobs.
  • In totality, with the current system, no new drugs would be developed if the government owned the drug patents given the remarkable complexity of the current system. Profit is what is driving the invention of new drugs currently, of which the United States is leading and paying for much of. America Needs to have all countries of the world contribute in the development of new medicines.
  • And we have not even touched on the new life saving gene therapies, CAR-T Cell therapies, PD inhibitors, etc., all of which actually fix and or save lives, but at massive expense on order of $500k per patient....would you spend $500k on yourself if that meant you'd live another 10-50 years?!!! America Needs to dramatically increase research and development in new medicines, and get these medicines sooner. America Needs to fully commit to making all cancers fully and safely treatable. America Needs to fully commit to saving all children born with deadly genetic disease, by 2040.

U.S. DEFENSE - BIOLOGICS AND ATOMIC: Make Our World Safer Via Atomic and Biologics Leadership

  • Our world is rapidly changing as more countries develop access to nuclear weapons. Also, biotechnology is rapidly progressing, and there is currently no mechanism in place to protect Americans from biowarefare. America Needs preparation and planning. Recognition the biologic weapons are every bit as powerful, and perhaps an even greater threat, than nuclear weapons.

WORLD AFFAIRS: Bring Jobs (and medical masks) Back To America While Fostering Worldwide Trade

  • Our world is rapidly splintering into a million different dangerous countries, all seeking gain at the expense of the world, focused on nationalism.  America Needs leadership to create a united world WITHOUT shipping American jobs to other countries and without massive immigration between countries. America Needs to help and teach all countries to prosper and earn their own success, ON THEIR OWN.


  •  Our once great U.S. government has stagnated with old ideas, old ways, old bipartisan bickering, and sabotage. America Needs a fresh U.S. government with new blood and energy, filled new leaders with independent new ideas to make our country work for ALL AMERICANS again, regardless of income, wealth status, color, etc. While at the same timing preserving our great free-market economy.


  • Energy costs have decreased yet not so for the average American. America Needs leaders who ensure everyone in our economy shares in our success.


  • A growing disparity between rich and poor, needs to be addressed in a way the protects our capitalistic society while ensuring all Americans have an equal opportunity to prosper. America Needs leaders who will work for ALL AMERICANS.


  • Family has always been a critcal part of American Culture. America Needs leaders who will work to protect and grow the family unit of our society.


  •  Our great American Society and Culture has served to change the world, much for the better. It was our western culture that stopped Hitler and his anihilation of Jews; it was our western culture that stopped Russia's attempt to force communism on all the world; it our western culture that Sadam Hussein and his persectution of countless religous sect. America Needs leaders who will continue to help our country's culture continue to evolve while retaining the uniqueness of our great USA.


  •  Immigration jump-started North America and what eventually became the United States of America. Immigration and their deisre to bring their values while also prospering, has made the our country the greatest ever. As the world quickly changes, America Needs to embrace good, positive immigration, while at the same time controlling it in order to allow America to continue to grow and prosper without sacrificing our great traditions and all that has made America great.


  •  All U.S. citizens have the right to vote, with all votes being equal. For America to continue to grow and prosper, America Needs our leaders for all votes to be equally protected for all voters.


  •  The U.S. Second Amendment protects the publics right to bear arms. Our Declaration of Independence specifically protects Americans "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness". "Liberty" includes the right to bear arms, AND the right to be safe. As guns and safety have evolved, a patchwork of laws have been created, none of which laws the fundamentl conflict by "right to bear arms" and "right to be safe". The only way to reconcile this through a modification of our second amendment, as outlined by our Article V of our Constitution. 


Beste Believes WE THE PEOPLE need to stop the uncompromising left vs. right old-guard rhetoric that is dividing our nation, and plans to fight issue by issue, not left vs. right. He opposes PACS, Super-PACS, and 501(c) Dark Money who are effectively stealing your vote. While Beste supports well-planned and executed government programs, Beste believes these programs must be fiscally managed and well balanced. Not balancing budgets will serve to divide and in fact further empower Trump's relentless hijacking of our government, especially with the current strong U.S. economy. Beste proposes rational, well planned fiscally responsible programs such as free/low cost online collegiate and skill-based training programs.

Beste recognizes that technology has enriched some at expense to others. To fix that, Beste believes we should drive well paying job growth into our middle class by consistently providing low cost online skill training, reducing state regulations to be consistent with national regulations, and controlling state taxation to be consistent with national averages. 

Beste also has specific plans for all of the following: support human rights; establish term limits to stop party favors and enable fresh ideas; stop the flow of PACs, super-PACS, and Dark Money who are stealing your vote; establish online baseline low cost college education for students achieving grades B and above; support our farmers with acquisition of good labor; modernize our armed forces; rapidly expand our biotechnology business capabilities; help our farmers and our uniquely Vermont arts, farm to table, and microbrewery scene; keep Vermont green and clean; support equality and diversity; reduce our terribly irresponsible national debt(each U.S. child born assumes $75,000 in debt!); and continue to make our schools great while preserving fiscal responsibility. 

Beste has a long track record of innovation, leadership, and success. Beste is a smartaccomplished, hard-working family man, dad to 3 kids (stay home Dad 5 years AND learned great respect for you Moms out there!), open minded, environmentally conscious, a man who is fully committed to bringing jobs to Vermont so that our kids, working families, and seniors can all live in peace and prosperity in our magical green state. A man who will fight for issues, not sides, and will stand up to all who opposed democracy, with articulate, fiscally responsible, better ideas. A man who is self-funded and independent, a man who owes no favors to anyone except you the American voter.

To learn more about Independent Self-Funded Russell Beste for Vermont U.S. Senate, visit Russell Beste's LinkedIn Profile.

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