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About Vermonter Russell Beste (pronounced Bestie!), Independent Self-Funded Candidate for U.S. Senator

Russell Beste (pronounced Bestie!)is a positive doer who gets things done, fighting for the middle. Beste is running for office as an Independent because he does not subscribe to one particular political party, he focuses on issues not taking sides, and sees Washington DC as increasingly flawed and polarized towards old school "left" and old school "right" with the now broken two-party system. Beste is also entirely Self-Funded and as such does not owe any favors to anybody, he represents only YOU THE VOTER. Beste currently works full time in R&D developing life saving medicines at lower cost, and is raising 3 children in the Burlington Vermont  School District. 

Beste would like to see Washington focus on debating issues, issue by issue, not on old-school Left vs Right. Beste believes both public government jobs and private sector jobs are equally important to promoting a successful society. Beste would like to help provide leadership to bring more clean, well-paying jobs to Vermont so that our great children can have a financially viable future here. We in Vermont simply cannot accept our current sputtering, old-school economic engine that is pushing good Vermont families out of Vermont. Beste is frustrated with Vermonters having to pay people to work and live in Vermont (as proposed by Governor Scott). Beste also supports clean air, clean environment, fair trade, equal opportunity for all, LGBQ equality, term limits, and progressive tax rates, as well as a reasonable inheritance tax. Beste is very much against the turmoil in Washington that threatens to tear apart our country. Good government requires equal balance of our 3 pillars of government. Would like to see more focus on compromise and fighting for the middle! Beste is articulate, well-educated, full of new ideas, and has boundless enthusiasm and energy to stop the frightening likes of Donald Trump with strong rationale fiscally responsible ideas from the middle.

Beste has accomplished much in his years, from successfully starting and running a high technology consulting business, to leading and successfully launching new lower cost medicines, to designing, engineering, and building his own family home. When his first children were born he quit his job and was a stay at home dad for 5 years. As such he has enormous respect for the countless great mothers of Vermont who often take on a large part of the mental and physical work required to raise young children. Beste is also an active athlete and avid outdoorsman, having run a sub 4 minute mile, climbed most major peaks in North America, worked trails for the forest service, and snowboarded and fished many of North America's greatest mountains. Beste has been active in the community, having served as VP PTO at school, lead Burlington's only Cub Scout Troop, and coached countless boys and girls soccer and little league teams. His education is in both Biochemistry and Chemical Engineering. His diverse background, high energy, positive can-do attitude, and ability to succeed, make him well suited to lead Vermont towards a substantially more prosperous AND more environmentally focused future. Please vote Beste, U.S. Senator for Vermont. Thanks!


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